The Art of Renovation: Transforming Ketchikan’s Vintage Properties

In the heart of Ketchikan, where the air carries the freshness of the sea and the forests cloak the mountains in emerald, there lies a treasure trove of vintage properties awaiting transformation. Renovating these historic gems is not just about preservation—it’s about creating a dialogue between the past and the present. It’s an art form that we at Real Estate in Ketchikan celebrate and support. Here’s how you can artfully transform Ketchikan’s vintage properties into modern sanctuaries.

Honoring History

Each vintage property in Ketchikan tells a story, and any renovation begins with listening to that narrative. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the original design while updating it to meet modern living standards. Preserving original hardwood floors, period moldings, and classic fixtures honors the property’s heritage and retains its value.

Modern Comfort Meets Rustic Charm

The key to a successful renovation is seamlessly integrating modern amenities without diluting the property’s rustic charm. This might mean installing state-of-the-art kitchen appliances behind period-appropriate cabinetry or adding a spa-like bathroom that complements the home’s original aesthetic.

Sustainable Practices

Renovation is an excellent opportunity to implement sustainable practices. This can include using eco-friendly materials, upgrading to energy-efficient windows, or installing a green roof. Not only does this approach respect the environment, but it also often results in long-term financial savings.

Open and Airy Interiors

Many vintage homes in Ketchikan come with smaller, compartmentalized rooms. Knocking down a non-structural wall or two can open up your space, providing a more contemporary, open-concept living area that still respects the home’s architectural lineage.

Light Touches

In places like Ketchikan, where the light dances with the time of day and season, it’s crucial to maximize natural light. Enlarging windows, adding skylights, or simply opting for lighter color palettes can brighten up any space, bringing a sense of warmth and openness to the home.

Blending Outdoors and In

Ketchikan’s landscapes are a spectacular backdrop to any home. Renovations that include outdoor living spaces, such as decks or patios, or large windows that offer views of the surrounding nature, ensure the beautiful Alaskan outdoors is part of the living experience.

Community and Craftsmanship

Renovation is a community affair. It’s about employing local artisans and craftspeople who bring their knowledge of regional materials and styles to the project, ensuring that your home’s transformation supports the local economy and craftsmanship.


The art of renovation is a journey that turns a vintage property into a contemporary masterpiece. At Real Estate in Ketchikan, we are passionate about this transformative process and are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to buy a vintage property or want to renovate your current home, we can help you realize your vision while celebrating Ketchikan’s rich architectural heritage.


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