Signs That It’s Time to Downsize Your Kitchen Gadget Collection

The right kitchen gadgets can make cooking significantly easier and less stressful. And there are some kitchen gadgets that are, for many, non-negotiables—like a microwave or coffee machine.

But too many kitchen gadgets can be a problem; not only do they take up precious storage space, but they can make your kitchen appear cluttered—which can be a problem when you decide to sell.

So, the question is, how do you know when your collection of kitchen gadgets has crossed the line into “too many” territory?

A recent article from outlined clear indicators that it’s time to downsize your kitchen gadget collection, including:

  • You have gadgets you don’t use. Many people buy kitchen gadgets they think they will use or should use (like a juicer or air fryer)—but then they just end up collecting dust on their kitchen counter. If you have gadgets you never use taking up space in your kitchen, it’s time to get rid of them.
  • You have gadgets you can’t identify. Having kitchen gadgets you don’t use is a major waste of space. But having kitchen gadgets you can’t even identify? That’s even worse. If you’re in the dark about what a gadget is, what it does, or when you’d use it, it doesn’t belong in your kitchen.
  • You have mini-versions of your favorite gadgets. Mini appliances have become more popular in recent years. But if you have a full-sized version of a kitchen gadget (like a waffle maker or blender), you don’t need a mini-version.


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