Selling Your Home? Make Sure to Do These Living Room Upgrades First!

When you’re preparing to sell your home, taking the time to make a few simple, quick, and affordable improvements can make a big difference—and may help you fetch a higher price.

And when it comes to value-adding upgrades, your living room is a great place to start.

recent article from outlined living room improvements that may help your home sell for more money, including:

  • Paint the walls a neutral shade. You might love your purple accent wall—but bold, bright, or unexpected colors can be polarizing for buyers. Neutral shades (like white, off-white, or light gray) will give your living room a more universal appeal—so before you list, make sure to add a fresh coat of neutral paint to your living room walls.
  • Get rid of carpets. Old carpeting can be a major turnoff for buyers. So, if your living room carpet has seen better days, rip up the carpet and replace it with tile or vinyl flooring—which is affordable, easy to maintain, and can make the space feel more modern.
  • Declutter the space. The more open and spacious your living room feels, the better—so paring down your furniture and decor is a must. Keep decorations simple and pare down furniture to a few key focal pieces.


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