Design Tips to Jazz Up Your Ceiling

There are a lot of ways to add visual interest to a room; you could paint the walls, add artwork, or add pops of color through accessories like throw pillows and rugs.

But there is an unexpected—and underutilized—element in every room that has serious potential to jazz up a room, and make it feel more stylish and interesting.

And that’s the ceiling.

A recent article from outlined different ways to decorate ceilings to add visual interest to a room, including:

  • Go bold with color…If you have a color that you love—but you don’t want to use it on the walls? Try using that color on the ceiling. Paint your ceiling in a bold hue (for example, eggplant or teal)—and then balance out the pop of color with neutral paint for the walls.
  • …or choose a contrasting white. If you want a clean look, you can pair a white ceiling with white walls. But if you’re going to use the same shade, add 50 percent more white to the wall paint—which will add both depth to the ceiling and visual interest to the room as a whole.
  • Install molding. Plaster molding is another way to make the ceiling the focal point of a room. For a look that’s both bold and classic, go for a medallion shape—and install a hanging light fixture, like a chandelier, in the middle.


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