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National Housing Market Statistics

The following information takes a look at the differences in Buyers and Sellers of different Generations: reasons for buying and selling, the percentage of market share they represent, and type and location of home they buy.

Millennials: 1980 - 1998
36% of Recent Homebuyers
46% of have Student Loan Debt
65% were first-time Home Buyers
85% believe buying a home is a good financial investment
Gen X
(1965 - 1979)
Young Boomers
(1955 - 1964)
Older Boomers
(1946 - 1954)
Silent Generation
(1925 - 1944)
13% had a distressed sale in the past. 18% of recent Home Buyers. 14% of recent Home Buyers. 6% of recent Home Buyers.
15% bought a multi-generational home. 20% bought a multi-generational home. 15% buy due to retirement. 12% bought a duplex, apartment or condo.
16% bought a new home for green or energy-efficient features. 20 median years they expect to live in their home. 17% purchased Senior-related housing. 25% buy to be closer to family, friends or relatives.
55% bought in a suburb or subdivision. 87% would probably or definitely use their Agent again or recommend to others. 30 median miles between new and previous home. 28% purchased Senior-related housing.